The Kushanāda are the guardians of Hell. They are all very large beings who walk on all fours. They have elongated skull-like heads and a large piece of armor on their right shoulders. The Kushanāda watch over the Togabito, punishing them for their crimes they committed while they were alive. If they catch a Togabito, they will eat it, only for it to revive itself sometime later.

If a Shinigami kills a Hollow who has committed heinous acts while alive, the gates of Hell will appear and a Kushanāda will stab the Hollow, dragging it into Hell. In the same sense, if a Togabito escapes Hell and loses their mask, the gates of Hell will appear and the Kushanāda will drag them back into Hell. Also, when a Togabito attempts to escape from one of the Kushanāda, it has the ability to grab the normally invisible chains of the Togabito.