The majority of Humans are completely oblivious to the dangers they are exposed to from Hollow and other evil spirits. It is unknown how many Hollow attacks against Humans occur under normal circumstances, but Hollows make their former loved ones into their first victims before they begin preying on Pluses and humans with spiritual powers. A severe enough attack from a Hollow, or - presumably - a Shinigami, on a living Human would not only result in bodily harm, but in the removal of the Human's Soul from the body. The damage can be easily repaired through Kidō if the Chain of Fate is not broken. Shinigami are forbidden by law from attacking Humans unless ordered to. They generally ignore Humans, but a part of their duties is protecting the Humans in jeopardy from Hollows. Some Shinigami have a tendency to view Humans as inferior, despite the majority of Souls, including most Shinigami, being of Human origins.